Ice skating – tips for beginners


Ice skating is a popular sport that can be practiced by professional performers and amateurs alike. With a good pair of skates and some perseverance, you too can master this engaging hobby. Before you head down to the sportswear shop to buy your skating equipment, there are a few tips that you should consider, especially if you are a beginner. A lack of preparation will see you tumble in ridiculous fashion on the ice ring, much to the delight of your friends and your escort.

A brief history of ice skating in England

Ice skating was brought in the UK in the 17th century from the Netherlands. The sport quickly caught with all the social circles. The working class used skates built from sharpened bones, while the aristocrats used expensive metal gear. The harsh British winters would see the noblemen skating in the Midlands with their England escorts from at their side.

In the 20th century, ice skating became a sport practiced almost everywhere in the world. What started as a hobby is now an official Olympic challenge that you and your escort from EROS can enjoy watching in your free time. If you want to try it as well, you should start skating on an artificial ice ring.

Essential rules for beginners

Whether you choose to skate on natural ice or on a specially prepared arena, the no.1 rule is: safety at all times. Ice skating is not a dangerous sport, but practicing it without proper equipment can lead to light bruises and scratches. Your first investments should go into essential gear like a good pair of ice skates and a helmet. If you are unsure about what brands you have to purchase, take an escort with you to help you decide.

Most cities in the UK have public arenas where you can go and practice your skating moves. Some of these sport clubs offer low-cost classes for those who want to develop their skills. If you want to join their activities, ask one or two England escorts to join you. These beautiful girls love to practice exciting hobbies and ice skating is one of their favorite pastimes. A date at the local ice ring can give a romantic and adventurous start to your relationship.

Tips for skating on natural ice

After a few weeks of exercising on artificial ice, it is a good idea to try your skills on a frozen, natural lake. There are some basic conditions for doing this. Obviously, the first one is to do it during the coldest days of winter. Search in your area for a lake or a pond that freezes easily and develops a solid layer of ice on its surface. Next, take an escort with you to keep you company. The last thing that you want is to fall through a thin patch of ice with no one around you.

When skating on natural ice you should avoid wearing heavy clothes. Constant moving will prevent you from feeling cold, so a slim winter jacket will suffice. Also, in the unfortunate event of the ice breaking under your feet, you will be able to easily swim back to the shore.  To avoid a bad experience on your date, share this tip with your England escorts as well.